The Accidental Theorist

The Accidental TheoristA culmination of twenty-seven essays, Krugman tackles economic issues across a whole spectrum. His style is unreserved and he’s unafraid to state his case.Though his essays are adaptions from past publications one underlying theme remains consistent throughout – systematic thought always beats flawed conclusions based off of empirical errors and logical fallacies. Love him… Continue reading The Accidental Theorist

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Innovation and EntrepreneurshipUnlike many popular books on entrepreneurship, Drucker avoids talking about the characteristic traits of entrepreneurs. In fact, he actually challenges they exist, but more on that later… Instead, his book aims to represent innovation and entrepreneurship as part of systematic work within the organisation that needs to be organised by an executive.In Part… Continue reading Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Art of War

Sun Tzu’s: Art of WarSince its writing over 2,500 years ago, The Art of War has influenced history, unlike any other book. It has been the source of guidance for world leaders, generals, and politicians alike. And because of this, it’s built up a sort of ‘mysticism’ around it.Contributing to its mysticism; an abundance of… Continue reading The Art of War

The Winner Effect

The Winner EffectThe Winner Effect offers fascinating – and often astonishing – answers to questions on winning and power.Winning and being in positions of power can have profound psychological effects on individuals and alter their ability to make rational decisions. Moreover, people are affected differently by winning. Ian Robertson breaks down the ‘whys?’ behind questions… Continue reading The Winner Effect

The Power of Simplicity

The Power of Simplicity: An Alternative Way to ManageThe management profession is polluted by trends and unnecessary lingo. This book attempts to slash through all that and establish the fact that keeping it simple, and using what you know works is the best method of management.The book is about simplicity and therefore the principles are… Continue reading The Power of Simplicity