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A few goodies that Zippy Reads has to offer.


"So many books, so little time.'"

-Frank Zappa


You heard the man, Frank; too many books, and too little time. 

Lucky for you, our summaries are crafted for speed, clarity, and chocked full of knowledge!

Infographic Timelines


  • How a 52-year old milkshake machine salesmen build a fast food behemoth.
  • The crazy ideas that fuelled, Nikola Tesla’s, inventions
  • How tech-nerd, Bill Gates, co-founded Microsoft and turned it into a massive success

Did you know: Walt Disney, at 16-years old, faked

his date of birth to join the Red Cross during WW1.



Nonsensical ramblings.

Silky-smooth quotes.

And the occasional nugget of wisdom can all be found here on my blog.

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How we make our book summaries so awesome.

"Quick n' Zippy" book summaries are the name of the game here.

We write our summaries so they can be read in 5-minutes flat!

Sadly, other book summary sites don't actually read the books they review (but rather, just read other online reviews)

"But that's crazy, absurd, diabolical!", you say-- I agree. 

That's why I created Zippy Reads for people like you - for people with standards.

Around here, at Zippy Reads I try to keep things light and funny.

So, you've been warned, prepare for an incoming of bad dad jokes :D

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